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The New Standard for Cosmetics and Restoration

  • Replaces ALL "WAX" products!  

  • No Smear Cosmetics! 

  • Color Pallets for Every Need

  • Artist Tools

  • Un-viewable cases made viewable! 

  • Training/Practice Heads

  • Prosthetics

  • Restorative Products

Post Mortem Cosmetics


Cosmetic and Restorative Art Classes and CE Courses 


Dean Jones Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist



  • CE Webinars 

Training Provided on Location

  •  Funeral Homes

  • Colleges and Schools

  • Conventions and Seminars

Emergency Restorative Art     Services Available 

Professional feedback from the 2017 CFDA 113th Annual Convention where PMRC was a guest speaker on 

'Cosmetic Technology for the Restoration of Normal & Traumatized Deceased Human Tissue'

''Wonderful information; loved all the before/after pictures. Very interested in a restorative art association''

''Amazing product, good talk, I loved it. What you are doing is so wonderful and I'm glad you are bringing in new products to our field, it is fantastic.''

''Amazing presentation. Learned a lot and enjoyed his stories and knowledge.''

''Outstanding. Dean gave me so many great ideas! I really appreciated his passion and admire his talent and drive.''

''Beyond excellent!''

PMRC now  provides Continuing Education Programs across the US, along with Conducting Seminars Internationally

If your funeral home staff is currently in need of continuing education class hours, we are a mobile educational unit that provides “hands-on” experience, while providing the opportunity to earn the required credit hours through the course.  All materials, practice heads and lunch are provided.

PMRC Funeral Director Class
Post Mortem Cosmetics Seminar Dean Jones Speaking

Funeral Directors and Embalmers may earn their credit hours on site with our cosmetic program titled ''Cosmetics and Restorative Art Techniques'', and also through one of our Webinars.


The course is taught by two-time Emmy award winning Hollywood FX artist Dean Jones and/or one of his Hollywood makeup artist staff members.

A true hands-on approach to our interactive classes and seminars allow Funeral Directors, Funeral Home Staff, and Students to gain real world expertise in the cosmetic and restorative arts.  This edge can make the difference for your business, the families you serve, and their loved ones. PMRC is currently providing products and services in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Students Working in a PMRC Class
Funeral Director Students Learning PMRC Restorative Cosmetic Techniques

For those who are familiar with PMRC and what we represent, this class experience is significant and relative to the innovative cosmetics and restorative art technique changes now occurring throughout the industry. 


(336) 264-2302
PMRC on location providing classes to Funeral Directors and Staff
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