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- About PMRC -

    Founded by Emmy award winning Hollywood Makeup artists, PMRC is focused on being the Nation’s leading manufacturer for modern restorative cosmetics.  We are committed to not only providing the best products money can buy, but also educating the industry on new methods and ways to achieve cosmetic performance never before attainable by the general embalmer.


    Store bought cosmetics are ineffective, unsuitable, and practically unstable for use on post mortem tissue. Our cosmetics and restoration products are specifically engineered for use on non living tissue. These products maintain adhesive properties which remain stable to the touch, will not smear, melt, or separate thus replacing all materials and products currently used by the funeral industry. 


  Our team doesn't just "know" makeup and restoration, with over 40 years of professional "Emmy award winning" experience, we define it.  Now we are the industry leaders in innovative methods.  With such incredible experience, we are delighted to offer you the secrets of the industry.

From Hollywood to the Embalming Room Click on the PDF Icon to read a great NFDA article written by Lacy Robinson on Dean and PMRC.

Practice Head for Mortuary Science Students and Funeral Directors
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