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Vernie Fountain, Internationally known speaker, Vernie Fountain, CFSP, is a licensed embalmer and began his career in funeral service in 1965.  In 1990 he founded Fountain National Academy (FNA) to provide quality, specialized training for licensed embalmers. Fountain’s embalming and reconstructive methods have provided embalmers with specialized techniques to manage severely traumatized and difficult cases. These methods have proven effective in converting many non-viewable cases to a more acceptable viewable condition.  His valuable expertise coupled with his ability to teach has now made his seminar presentations popular among funeral service professionals around the globe. For several years Vernie served as Chief Death Investigator and Forensic Autopsy Assistant for the Boone County, Missouri Medical Examiners Office. Currently, in addition to operating Fountain National Academy, Vernie is often requested by attorneys to serve as expert witness in embalming-related civil lawsuits. He is also a licensed private investigator. In 2007 the MFDA presented Vernie with the Robert Kneel Award which is the highest and most esteemed award that can be granted by that association. Vernie has dedicated his career to creating better methods to repair trauma.  Now teamed up with PMRC together they have created the “Vernie R. Fountain” Signature series of restorative products.  Fountain considers the PMRC products to be “A Better Way”. 

Angelo Frazetta, Norwalk Vault

International Sales Representative and PMRC Expert. “NVC has had great success in helping our funeral directors solve difficult problems with this product. It has opened many doors, and is the first product we’ve seen in some time that truly brings innovation into the industry”



Glyn Tallon, Embalmer, Reconstructive Specialist, CFSP, and FNA European Representative.

Glyn Tallon, is the Founder and Proprietor of Tallon Mortuary Specialists and School of Embalming, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland and is a Licensed Embalmer, a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and Specialist in Reconstructive Embalming.

Glyn studied at the Belfast College of Embalming in Northern Ireland and was awarded his Diploma in Embalming in September 2000.

During his time as a Student Embalmer, Glyn worked as a Trainee Anatomical Pathology Technologist at “Our Lady’s Hospital”, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland and was awarded an “Anatomical Pathology Technologist” certificate in 1999 in conjunction with “The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene”.

Glyn continued his studies and was awarded a Diploma in Anatomical Pathology in 2002 following an intensive course at Southampton University Hospital, also in conjunction with “The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene”.

Further to this achievement, Glyn was promoted to the role of “Senior Anatomical Pathology Technologist” at “Our Lady’s Hospital”, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland and presently continues his practice in this role.

Glyn’s dedication to his profession as an Embalmer and his desire to master the techniques in embalming, enrolled him with “The Fountain National Academy of Professional Embalming Skills”(FNA), Springfield, Missouri, USA in 2000.

Glyn has attended a series of courses, seminars and workshops on “Embalming Skills”, “Soft Tissue Injuries”, “Waxing and Airbrush Cosmetics” and “Advanced Post Mortem Reconstructive Techniques”.

In 2002, Glyn was one of the first embalmers to accumulate 100 contact hours of highly specialised reconstructive skills and the first of two embalmers in the world to complete this prestigious curriculum.

Glyn was extremely privileged to accept the position as “Member” and “European Representative” for Fountain National Academy in May 2007 and acts as Guest Lecturer on the subject of Embalming and Reconstructive Surgical Techniques, and as an Instructor in the Laboratory at FNA Headquarters, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Glyn was honoured to be a Guest Speaker at the first ever “International Embalming and Reconstructive Conference” organised by Fountain National Academy in  August 2010 and was awarded an “Additional Distinguished Service Medallion” on this occasion.

In 2007, Glyn became a member of “Blake Emergency Services”, a disaster team which responds to mass fatality over the world.  He regularly participates in international response training days in preparing for mass disaster body recovery.

In 2009, Glyn was the first recipient in Ireland to be awarded the designation of “Certified Funeral Service Practitioner” by “The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice”.

In October 2009, Glyn was awarded the CPD (Outstanding Continuous Professional Development Activity) Certificate by “The Association of Anatomical Pathology Technologists (AAPT) Council, which was the first ever award of its type in Ireland.

In 2011, Glyn attended “The Australian Institute of Embalmers” Conference as a Guest Speaker on the subject of “Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery” and following an invitation, returned in May 2012 as a Guest Lecturer and Instructor on the above subject at the Ray Last Laboratories, Adelaide University, Australia.  The course objective was to enhance embalmers knowledge, skills, confidence and competence in dealing with trauma and practical reconstructive surgical techniques.

In 2012, Glyn was a guest speaker at Keele University Convention Educational Weekend for Embalmers.

In 2013, Glyn attended the European School of Embalming Skills in Namur, Belgium as a guest speaker and also at Arbour Memorial Funeral Services in Halifax, USA. In October he was guest speaker at both the NFDA in Texas, USA and the Irish Funeral Expo.

In February 2014, Glyn was guest speaker at the 50th Anniversary of the Australasian Division of the British Institute of Embalmers.


Glyn has Professional Affiliation with the following Associations:

  • Fountain National Academy

  • The British Institute of Embalmers

  • The European Association of Embalmers

  • The American Association of Embalmers

  • Blake Emergency Services

  • The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene

  • The Australian Institute of Embalming Pty Ltd

  • The Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

  • Global Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

Tallon Mortuary Specialists offer an extensive field of embalming services, a purpose-built mortuary facility which includes a “State of the Art” embalming theatre and a lecture room which facilitates all theoretical and examination aspects of courses offered to embalming students and licensed embalmers.

Tallon Mortuary Specialists offer their full range of services to Funeral Directors locally, regionally and nationally, including a Nationwide Removal Service, Professional Embalming, Specialist Reconstructive Embalming, Hairdressing and Cosmetisation. Services are provided on a 24 hour on-call basis, seven days a week.

Glyn is a highly motivated and diligent professional in researching, promoting and practicing standards of excellence within his sphere of responsibility as an Embalmer and Teacher and in serving the Families whose loved ones are entrusted to his care.


Contact details for Glyn are as follows:


Glyn Tallon

14 Academy Street


Co. Meath



Telephone:  0469036001


Mobile: (00353) 868268876


Web Address:



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     Dean Jones, (PMRC Founder) As a Hollywood makeup artist, Dean C. Jones has over thirty years of experience in film and television. With a combined resume of 200 film and television credits, his inspiration comes from his own artistic and entrepreneurial vision stemming from the shared knowledge industry professionals and by the many award-winning directors he has worked with over the years. Jones has won two Emmy awards along with six nominations while working on the “Star Trek” franchise Television series. Jones earned his BFA from UNC Greensboro with a concentration in acting and directing and from 1991 – 93 Jones was a Police Officer assigned with the LAPD Pacific Division and an undercover Vice Squad Officer for Newton Division Vice Squad. In 2013 Dean met international acclaimed restorative artist and educator Vernie Fountain. The inspiration and development of these revolutionary PMRC products were developed by a collaborative effort between Dean and Vernie for the exclusive benefit of the mortuary science arts. Dean has been a presenter at the NFDA conference in 2016, Fountain National Academy presenter 2014, 2016 and 2018, NYFDA 2018, MFDA, 2018, Ohio, 2018, CFDA 2017, KFDA 2016, GFDA, 2016, and Warsham College of Mortuary Science 2019.


Dave McCament, CFSP

Serving the death care industry for over 40 years, Dave is both a licensed embalmer and funeral director in California. He is Professor Emeritus at Cypress College, where he has taught for more than 12 years in the mortuary science program. Dave has extensive training and experience in restorative art. His class and work in the Restorative Art lab at Cypress College has been featured in both the LA Times as well as the CTA magazine. Dave hopes to create greater awareness of PRMC cosmetic techniques to both mortuary science students and local embalmers through education and training. Dave and his wife, Lisa, reside in Murrieta and serve together in local Christian ministries.

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