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Known as "Massage cream" it has been in existance for decades. Originally produced to keep cadaver skin soft and pilaable, however after research and testing the current "Massage Cream" products that are sold on the market we discovered that "Massage Cream" is actually an ineffective product. It's chemicals componants inhibit and breakdown all cosmetics products.  It is in fact a "makeip remover" that we widely use in the film industry to remove and an all makeup, including adhesive products since the early 1940's.. So "massage cream" actually works against the emblamer when cosmetizing. In our efforts to bring the funeral professional into the millinium we have produced a "new product" that is does not breakdown makeup, but actually creating a barrier to keep moisture in the skin.  PMRC is here" to advance your knowledge and skills as well as improve your cosmetizing products. Replace your current "Massage Cream" with "DERMA CREAM" From PMRC!  (Available in  32 oz pump dispencer) 

Derma Cream (massage cream)

SKU: 20192
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