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"ANATIZER" Sanitizer is a newly developed disinfectant used as an atomizer spray to protect and disinfect all surfaces including decedents which may be be contaminated from harmful bacteria and infectious viral contaminates. 
Our "Dermatizer" and "Sanitizer "products are "Alcohol Free" The Sanitizer that keeps on Sanitizing! Regular Hand Sanitizers contain at least a 70% concentration of alcohol. The alcohol solution kills germs on contact but quickly evaporates after the application. Moments after regular hand sanitizer evaporates... its germ killing effectiveness ceases. Our Hand Sanitizer "Dermatizer" leaves a micro biotic residual barrier that keeps killing the germs for an extended period of time on skin and inanimate surfaces. This products exceeds standards for the CDC and World Health Organization. It is an excellent alternative to other germicides currently on the market.

Anatizer Disinfectant Spray

SKU: 0000093
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